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1.Equipments passed CE certification

In July 2014, our product has successfully passed CE certification. In recent years, an increasing number of devices saled in the European economic area market has got CE certification which means that they are safe, healthy, environmental-friendly and with good quality. Therefore, it is vital to obtain CE certification so as to enter the international market, Passing the CE certification indicates that the products of Songhu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has reached the EU safety requirements. It not only means that Songhu plastic has a more reliable product quality, but also marks that Songhu plastic machinery has gradually been recognized by European countries and has entered the European market.

2.Equipments awarded national Seven practical new patent certificates

Songhu plastic 3D printing supplies equipments have obtained the national practical new patent certificates, including thread storage bracket device and plastic wire roundness real-time adjustment device and so on. These devices applied in the latest 3D printing supplies equipment on the basis of high precision and high capacity has greatly improved the online measurement diameter system and winding system. In addition, processing supplies are more diversified and it supports TPU/TPE/PVA, wood supplies and other 10 kinds of materials.

3.Industry approval

Songhu plastic is the first member units of Dongguan 3D printing technology industry alliance, which is dedicated to exploring how to conbine 3D printing industry with traditional manufacturing industry and looking for a greater market space for the development of the whole industry. Its menbers include Yingxi technology, City Association of enterprises with technological innovation, Dongguan Yiweisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Bruce Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Tianan Digital City. It basically covers  researching, designing, manufacturing, materials, scanning and application of the city's 3D printing industry chain.


Songhu plastic has got 88 high points with the innovative project of high precision, high productivity, multifunctional 3D printing supplies extrusion production equipment in the semi-final of third China Innovation and entrepreneurship contest (Guangdong Dongguan Division) and 2014 Tianan Digital City Cup and stands out well into the finals. Finally, Songhu plastic won the first prize with the success of the project.

5.Excellent after-sales elite team

Songhu plastic machinery has an excellent after-sales elite team to provide the best quality after-sales service for customers, helping to solve complement, installation and maintenance that clients may encounter after ordering.