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  • Name: PVDF Plastic Rod
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:Profiled bar extrusion equipme
  • Pubdate:2016-07-05 11:20
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1. Foreword

PVDF products have been widely used to oil processing field, electronic industry, chemical plant

area and food processing machine etc. for it’s good chemical resistance, easy processing and

other advantages. And PVDF has a stable position in plastic extrusion industry that other material

can not take the place of it. With the rapidly development of world economy, there is a huge demand

of PVDF bar , so PVDF products will be very popular.

Songhu Plastic Machinery Corp. is a professional
PVDF bar extrusion line manufacturer in China, we

have overcame lots of difficult and researched high precision , high output and excellent quality PVDF

bar extrusion line, and we are also the first supplier of PVDF bar production line in China.


2. About PVDF bar production line

3. Features of the PVDF bar extrusion line

3.1 In view of the PVDF material in the process of machining can be corrosive, screw took the alloy

material. By special screw combination design, to ensure that at low temperature, the material have

a good plasticizing, especially for the larger size of the bar, we can promise the good plasticizing

and plasticizing rate.

3.2 High precision mould, use S136 steel. It can ensure a high precision of size of the product,

at the same time it has a good corrosion resistance effects. 

3.3 good stability (special haul-off for PVDF bar)

3.4 high capacity, we can promise the most fast production speed based on the quality of out product.