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  • Name:Double-color PC Tube
  • Model:SHSJ55&55
  • Type:Profiled bar extrusion equipme
  • Pubdate:2015-06-02 13:22
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1. Characteristic of  PC double-color tube co-extrusion production line

    Songhu plastic Machinery company is the earliest professional suppliers which research and

development the  PC double-color co-extrusion production line. Now the latest version of 2016 T5/T8/T10

double color  lampshade line compared with other domestic suppliers has the following distinctive features

Professional: Songhu plastic Machinery company integrated the professional formula materials and

precision mold design concept, which combined with practical experience in recent years,then ensured

the stable operationof our factory production line and the production we produce with high quality. Never

like peers which produce the extruder manufacturers have done, last they let a lot of buyers waiting for

a long time.

Completely automation: A complete from raw material to the finished product, we can ensure the

accuracy within 0.5 mm. It is will be waste of labor costs when use  secondary processing.

High quality & Reasonable price: From this year, Not only PC plastic products  profit is not good

than that in  a few  years ago,but  the manufacturer has the problems such as collection difficult, so our

company thought  for the customer and aimed at the industry's most valuable choice, we will look

forward to win-win each PC material manufacturers with our professional service at home and abroad.

2.Suitable Raw material

    Commonly used as Japan PANLITE 1250 - Z and Mitsubishi

3.Composition of PC Double-Color Tube Co-extrusion Line

   PC extrusion machine with high precision,Finalize the design of 3D,1.2 meters of tractor,cutter

bar,rack and other parts. The host adopt efficient exhaust extruder, frequency control of motor speed,

We will  configure the different specifications host on the basis of all kinds of different specifications

productions; Finalize the design table is made of stainless steel water pans, vacuum pump; The 

machine can be 3D adjustment; Tractors for hybrid synchronous traction drive belt type, traction

belt type, cutting length using fixed-length cutting; Rack adopts pneumatic feeding. This machine can

be used for PC class, special-shaped material, acrylic, the use of tubes, chimney, etc.

4.Rate of equipment size and installed

   (L*W*H): 12*1.5*1.8m  power :30 kw

5.The pictures of PC double-color coextrusion line

   PC tube extrusion production line, extrusion mould

PC tube extrusion line - mould field production

PC tube extrusion production line - T5 integration production site

PC samples of tube extrusion production line: high transparency, no marks,

less grain PC tubes

PC tube extrusion production line production delivery