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  • Name:PP/PE/PVC Shape wood grain production line
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  • Type:Wood plastic extrusion equipme
  • Pubdate:2011-01-14 17:05
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PP/PE/PVC Shape wood grain production line mainly used for PP, PE, PVC new or second-hand material and wood powder
mixing granulation and other chemical additives, Production of particles uniform and compact, This production line has the
following characteristics:
Structure of Equipment
Wood plastic parallel twin-screw granulating granulation system composed of extruder, head, dicing machine, gentle breeze to
Double screw characteristics
Wood-plastics material conveying device by deep screw groove, big pitch, volume, no compression of the structure of the double
metal alloy of screw and cylinder;Cylinder to add a vent, according to the requirement of process in any combination, broad
Shape wood grain mold
Die head is made of high quality steel and plated flipping processing,Reasonable distribution of stream crossings,Ensures
uniform extrusion of particles in each other,With precision cutter ensure the cut surface level off is smooth, frequency control
of motor speed is more adapted to the needs of different granulation。
Cooling System
Unique three-dimensional cooled structure,More powerful combined with new type of cooling fan, make more good cooling effect.
With high efficiency, low energy consumption, especially suitable for wood grain processing....