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     November 18, the third China innovation entrepreneurship competition (Guangdong Dongguan

Division) and Tianan digital city cup win in 2014 in Dongguan science and technology innovation

entrepreneurship contest hot, led by chairman zhu Songhu molding machine, with high precision,

highcapacity, multi-functional 3D printing filament extrusion production equipment innovation

project hasbeen successfully won the first prize in the final! Previously, Songhu molding machine

depending on the  innovation projects with excellent 88 points in the semi- final smoothly to the

NBA finals.




Songhu  molding machine as the only competitors in the precise extrusion machinery

manufacturers,was able to get the final good result and the clear strategic positioning of the company,

and the quality of  the product positioning, good customer experience are inseparable. Songhu as the

first domestic research and development of 3D printing production line and process system of

professional manufacturers,has been adhering to the high precision 3D printing consumables 

equipment and process system customization business philosophy wholeheartedly for the customer

service specialist, with strong research and development strength attentively complete customer, every

line do precise extrusion. It is high precision(roundness controllable plus or minus 0.05 mm,

measurement accuracy up to plus or minus 0.02 mm,reached the international advanced level) of the

strict requirements for Songhu, in the industry achieved a good reputation at home and abroad.



      Have a good team is the another advantage of the lake. Songhu team assembled a number of

industry leading specialists in the field of mechanical electrical automation design and plastic extruding

technicians,In their unremitting efforts, the pine lake through close cooperation with end customers at

home and abroad, and long-term with south China university of technology, sun yat-sen university,

dongguan institute of technology, guangzhou chemical industry institute of Chinese academy of

sciences and other scientific research institutes of technical communication at home and abroad,

has now grown into China provides 3D printer supplies leader of production line and process system,

and moving towards international first-class provider in this field.




Songhu Plastic Machinery Company had won the first prize in the final, affirmed the factory since

the Songhu located in the "melt extrusion and mature technology in a body" is our unremitting pursuit of

development, certainly the Songhu as the high precision 3D printing consumables industry positioning

equipment and process system customization experts. Songhu will continue to focus on research and

development and production of precision, more accurate, higher capacity of 3D printing filament

extrusion production equipment,heighten the pine lake - high precision 3D printing filament 

equipment under its own brand name custom experts, efforts to become the most influential

international high precision 3D printing consumables equipment custom experts, for 3D printing

related enterprises to provide better quality of 3D printing filament extrusion production line.


Songhu will continue to focus on research and development and production of precision, more

accurate, higher capacity of 3D printing filament extrusion production equipment, heighten the songhu

- high precision 3D printing filament equipment under its own brand name custom experts, efforts to

become the most influential international high precision 3D printing filament equipment custom experts,

3D printing related enterprises to provide better quality of 3D printing filament extrusion  line.


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