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Songhu Exposition Machinery Exhibition in the 20th Righte

    October 21-24, Songhu as leading brand of domestic extrusion production line, after several

months of careful preparation, invited to participate in organized by the ministry of commerce of

 Zhejiang yiwu 20th right eousness expo machinery exhibition, the exhibition, Songhu high precision

 extrusion  line, 3D printing filament  products such as appearance, attracted the masses of customers

at home and abroad friends come to visit exchanges, the popular  bursting disc, bustling.



During the exhibition, Songhu sales elite in detail at the scene demonstrates our multifunctional high-

end rubber 
extrusion  line, extrusion process, compared with the other exhibitors, we multifunctional

rubber extrusion production line has two advantages:

      1、Can do single color, double color, color, surface beautiful, smooth incision;
       2、This equipment after a simple improvement, also can do elastomer TPR, TPE, avoid customer

order is 
not stable, the machine idle.

In greatly meet the market demand, on the basis of continuous innovation, the multifunctional and  

multipurpose, welcome  by customers. During the negotiation, there is a customer surnamed liu said,

it's a pity that have not been able to early one step to our multi-function plastic elastic bands equipment,

to buy other products, is expected in the future we can cooperation. In addition, yiwu always on

October 23, we bought a double color plastic elastic band at the scene of the convention and

exhibition equipment, the technicians test installation, the customer has already started to put into




   At the same time, the pine lake as the only a 3D printing consumables manufacturer, in the

exhibition, through 3D printer, to the customer details the latest 3D printing test and experience,

has attracted many investors come to ask




   After the exhibition, technology in the company under the leadership of general manager Liu Fuzong,

Songhu sales elite visited dozens of old and new business customers, at the scene to listen to their 

different needs, for our further product  process development provides valuable advice.


Through this exhibition, we and a number of domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out

extensive exchanges, business development and technical improvement to our company had very big

rise, increase awareness of the company area, set up a good atmosphere of trust and cooperation,

build first-class small precision extrusion equipment in the future for the company, have created

favorable conditions. Songhu molding machine thank each customer friend's support and love, thank

you for hospitality during the exhibition the customer friend, Songhu heart casting quality, in giving back

to the customer, in the future we will do better, let loose the lake surface banner flutters in the countries

all over the world
















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