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Dongguan Songhu Vacancies on the 3D Printing Alliance


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production line, Dongguan Songhu, Dongguan 3D printing, 3D printing industry alliance. 

     On October 9 in the morning, dongguan via letter bureau leadership, 3D printing industry

executive director, 3D printing industry league secretary A long line came to dongguan

Songhu molding 
machine for visiting research. Songhu king molding machine, general manager of

enthusiasm reported 
detailed 3D printing plastic material equipment research and development

Power , production technology 
and market prospect. Songhu after more than three years of continuous

research and development, the 
fourth generation of high-precision fully functional 3D material extruder

Are favored by the market, there 
have been nearly used in production at home and abroad customers.





      Visiting the pine lake intensification of management field, 3D printing industry alliance was the

director said: Dongguan city government attaches great importance to the new Lake in the technology

industry, congratulations to loose molding machine into "China innovation entrepreneurship

competition" advanced manufacturing final! Songhu molding machine, marks Dongguan pine lake

can make up for 3D printing industry chain in 3D printing filament blank extrusion machine, alliance for

internal further Resource integration, cooperation among the 3D industry chain upstream and

downstream of the dongguan, dongguan 3D league also has made 3D printing filament extrusion

production The powerful backing of line equipment. Believe in songhu to join, 3D printing

industry developed very fast.




    Songhu Mr.Wang said at the scene of the opening ceremony:“Thank you so much for support from 

the 3D printing. Was elected to the dongguan dongguan pine lake to 3D A member of the printing

industry alliance. Pine lake will has been committed to manufacturing capacity, higher precision

roundness more stable 3D printing filament Extrusion production equipment, and strive to become the

most influential  international high-precision 3D printing filament  equipment custom experts For 3D

printing is associated  Companies to provide better quality of 3D printing filament  extrusion  line. "








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