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Songhu was invited to participate in "sino-german

                                               Songhu was invited to participate in "sino-german

 October 22nd, Songhu as leading brand of domestic extrusion production line, was invited to the

organized by Dongguan institute of technology school of mechanical engineering "sino-german 

precision manufacturing technology center Open Day activities".Wang Weiqing led company,

general manager of R&D department  director, director of the design department is involved in the

campaign, and precision manufacturing technology of equipment problems, with the German experts

carried on the thorough exchange and discussion.


   On the activity, Germany Spinner experts introduced the German precision CNC equipment 

performance and application in the enterprise production, and said Spinner company as the world's

technology first-class precision CNC machine tool manufacturers, hope that through this activity, the

 future can with more Chinese manufacturing enterprises and colleges and universities to carry out the 

cooperation and communication.And as a representative of the enterprise of Songhu is China's

leading brand precision extrusion production line, its 3D printing filament  extrusion production 

equipment, its precision has reached the international high level - 0.02 mm. Songhu, at the same time

hope that through the study of "4.0" German industry, advanced technology, can take a long, fill

yourself short, the development of higher precision machinery and equipment, build a precise

extrusion equipment international leading brand.

   Finally, mr.wong led the company engineers visited Germany 3 + 2 axis precision nc machine tools. 

At the scene, Mr. Wang to zhen-zhong sun, dean of pine lake was introduced in detail the precise

extrusion equipment production, and welcome President sun and other leaders again to visit our

company and  guidance.President sun said Songhu as practice base of dongguan institute of

technology, the school provides a good training base, especially with Songhu institute of 3D printing

experience of laboratory  cooperation, for the development of 3D printing dongguan has made a great

 contribution.Songhu has been committed to research and development of precision extrusion  lines,

some products have  reached international advanced level, such as 3D printing filamentequipment

and PVC, TPU precision medical catheter production line.Through the exchange

of learning, to further strengthen the pine lake molding machine in precision extruding machine

automation, high-end technology talent cultivation, all customers one-on-one service, turnkey project

implementation has much of the consciousness of added.Molding machine in the future, Songhu will

learn to more international famous equipment manufacturing enterprises, efforts to improve the core

competitiveness of enterprise, create first-class enterprise, for dongguan industrial upgrading, 

and contribute their own!






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