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Welcome to Songhu Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd !

3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line
Medical Tube Extrusion Line
Stock Code:834005 4000-313-086
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固定电话0769-33209150 / 33351276/ 33359793,传真:0769-89032232

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Songhu Plastic Machinery company’s Culture Wall Display

    On June 18, 2013, in order to enhance team cohesion and execution, the company after several

months of careful planning, respectively, in the company hall, corridor, workshop hanging company

strategic objectives, department orientation and week/day project progress kanban, etc. Through the

persistence and practice of nearly five months, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees, kind

can impact employees, evolved into the employees "habit is a second nature" patterns of behavior, in

virtually improve the staff's quality, so as to improve enterprise competitiveness.



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