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3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line
Medical Tube Extrusion Line
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    How To Produce 3D Printer Filament ?[ 2017-07-05 ]
    Do the high precsion 3D printer filament extrusion line for the gloable friends.
    India First 3D Printer Filament Manufacture[ 2017-04-14 ]
    Customer Inspection and Online Training
    Songhu was invited to participate in "sino-german[ 2016-10-11 ]
    October 22nd, pine lake as leading brand of domestic extrusion production line, was invited to the organized by dongguan institute of technology school of mechanical engineering sino-german precision manufacturing technology center Open Da
    Songhu Exposition Machinery Exhibition in the 20th Righte[ 2016-10-11 ]
    October 21-24, Songhu as leading brand of domestic extrusion production line, after several months of carefulpreparation, invited to participate in organized by the ministry of commerce of Zhejiang yiwu 20th righteousness expomachinery exh
    congratulation[ 2016-10-11 ]
    November 18, the third China innovation entrepreneurship competition (guangdong dongguandivision) and tianan digital city cup win in 2014 in dongguan science and technology innovationentrepreneurship contest hot, led by chairman zhu pine l
    Dongguan Songhu Vacancies on the 3D Printing Alliance[ 2016-10-11 ]
    Digest : 3 d printing, 3 d printing supplies, 3 d printing consumables extrusion molding machine production line, dongguan pine lake, dongguan 3 d printing, 3 d printing industry alliance On October 9 in the morning, dongguan via letter b
    Songhu Plastic Machinery company’s Culture Wall Display[ 2016-10-11 ]
    On June 18, 2013, in order to enhance team cohesion and execution, the company after several months of careful planning, respectively, in the company hall, corridor, workshop hanging company strategic objectives, department orientation and
    Medical polymer materials double catheter tube[ 2016-10-11 ]
    After our engineering design and debug the group of the continuous efforts of two months, In 2013.07 months will double cavity medical polymer materials attract tube extrusion production line successfully delivered to the customers, won t
    Congratulate:Songhu Plastic Machinery Company’ Internation[ 2016-10-11 ]
    On November 25, organized by Shanghai extension exhibition held the third shenzhen international exhibition of 3 d printing technology was held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, a three-day exhibition, attracted well-known manu
    Special hospital experts to company department to carry out[ 2016-10-11 ]
    On October 18, we are very honored to invite to Beijing union medical college hospital expert group, in my company has launched a scene first aid and health as the theme of the lecture.Wang Weiqing general manager personally received the p
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