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  • Name:Anesthesia Catheter Tube
  • Model:S30&30
  • Type:Medical Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2015-06-02 12:47
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Precision tube extrusion production line、Anesthesia tube extruder

Anesthesia catheter production line Spring anaesthesia  tube production

line Anesthesia catheter extrusion machine ......


     Pipe extrusion production line is mainly used in the production of ordinary type anesthesia

catheter anesthesia catheter and  spring and the reinforced endotracheal intubation catheter

and other kinds of precision medical level,It combined with the previous production equipment

and production technology, catheter has good elasticity, high tensile strength, not easy to fold, 

the medicine even wait for a characteristic, is  the production of multicolor, porous or multilayer

precision medical catheter manufacturers the ideal equipment.

2.Material for general purpose

     Medical PA or PU、PVC、TPP、TPE
3. Production line constitute:

    Precise extrusion hostφ25(host)------- Precise extrusion auxiliaryφ20(Auxiliaries used in

the color line)------ High precision   head mold------- Finalize the design of cooling water tank-----

Outer diameter measuring caliper------ Medical tractor---microcomputer cutter

4.Rate of equipment size and installed
      Length X Width X High:9x 1.5x 1.8meter,Installed Power: 30KW
5.Product precision

      All the parts and equipment unit satisfies the requirement of clean room;Conduit diameter 

0.5 – 3 mm, thickness tolerance +/- 0.03 mm


6.Equipment factory figure
     Songhu plastic Machine Corp.Anesthesia pipe extrusion linestable

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