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  • Name:Oxygen tube 、nasal oxygen cannula
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:Medical Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2015-06-02 12:42
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Oxygen pipe/nasal oxygen tube/sheet/oxygen tube/double nose nasal oxygen

 nose nasal oxygen pipe extrusion line,Oxygen tube extrusion machine Torx

 nasal oxygen pipe extrusion line

1.Oxygen pipe/nasal oxygen/oxygen tube extrusion machine Torx nasal oxygen pipe

extrusion machine USAGES:

    Mainly used for the production of various types of adult type single and double holes and

infantile type single and double hole  oxygen tube, etc,This product USES the medical PVC

material, good transparency, the tube body design USES  compressive fold, pressure defense

technology, flat avoided when used for pipe  at a discount or pressure caused by the oxygen

is flat, oxygen  to guarantee the  patient's oxygen

2.Application Materials:   
      Medical PVC,PU

3. Production line constitute: 

   Precise extrusion host ------ High precision head mold ------- Vacuum cooling water tank

----- medical tractor ---- Transportation  collection machine ------ Integration of precision

gas supply system ---- Outer diameter measuring caliper

4. Dimension of equipment and Installed rate:
   Length X Width X High:12x 1.5x 1.8 Meter,Installed Power: 30KW
5.Product precision
    All the parts and equipment unit satisfies the requirement of clean room;Conduit

diameter 0.5 – 3 mm, thickness tolerance +/- 0.03 mm


6. The pictures of Oxygen tube extrusion production line delivery site: