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  • Name:Medical Catheter Tube
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:Medical Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2015-06-02 12:19
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Product Usage:
Mainly for the production of oxygen therapy, blood transfusion

tube, indwelling catheter, drainage tube, endotracheal intubation anesthesia,

central venous catheter, tube, catheter, capillary, perforate pipe and so on all

kinds of precision medical catheter medical level

Main Feature:Stable and efficient, the voltage and current in the process of

production, water pressure, air pressure, extrusion and drawing speed are all

digital control; Roundness and wall thickness accuracy reached highest super

standard of + / - 0.02 mm
1. Precision main characteristics:

  1.1 .The mechanical structureAmount of whole thickening steel plate, at the

bottom of the rack is heavier, lower center of gravity, guarantee the machine

running stability at a high speed

  1.2.Dynamical SystemElectrical part adopts Japan Fuji inverter control, the

main motor adopts Siemens motor, provide stable and reliable power system

  1.3.Temperature control system: Temperature control using Japanese omron

intelligent temperature control table, Double PID intelligent control, the use

of solid-state relay, quiet reliable control process, Air cooled by centrifugal fan,

more silent, air volume is big

  1.4. Extrusion tool: Thermal stability of imported S136 extrusion mould special

steel,Smooth mirror flow channel, which guarantees high quality products

2.Tank cooling system characteristics:

  2.1. The mechanical structure, 
SUS304 material tank, full toughened glass seal, sink around the seal plate,
suitable for medical and health clean condition

  2.2. Three dimensional adjustment system,
Before and after using the guide rail type adjustment, convenient and fluent,
good straightness, up and down adjustment adopts four screw adjustment,
water tank more stable, little vibration Centrifugal pump for medical grade
deionized water special stainless steel pump, sizing cooling way is uniform
water ring type and vacuum degree can digital control.

3.Drag section,
  Traction system:Using PU flexible wedge belt, high precision linear guide
opening and closing, long adjusting mechanism, Germany's Siemens servo
motor and controller, import synchronous belt transmission mode, overcome
the adopts gear drive and because when tooth gear vibrations of drawing
speed more smoothly, which guarantees high quality products

4.Abscission portion, 
Germany's Siemens servo motor drive, PLC programming control and man-
machine interface are Germany's Siemens brand; Cut off and traction adopts
special structure, make the soft small tube is not easy to block, cutter part
adopts a chipless cutting machine for soft tube, cut the number of automatic
counting, long length can be arbitrary design and precision can be up to 1 mm

5.Electrical control system:SIEMENS
Tractor adopts Siemens 1 kw servo motor drive, speed and stable precision,
cutting machine adopts Siemens servo motor drive, Siemens PLC, touch human
-machine interface integration control system, the counting precision,convenient
operation and straightforward. The traction, cut, the three parts of centralized