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  • Name:Corrutaged Pipe
  • Model:SHBW-55
  • Type:Medical Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2015-06-02 11:43
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Medical breathing circuit tube(Medical bellows)production line、single-use  Breathing loop pipe

production line、Special  breathing loo pipe production line、Anaesthesia breathing machine with

loop pipe  extrusion line、Medical corrugated pipe production line

   Breathing circuit tube (medical corrugated pipe production line is mainly  used for high quality and

precision of the 22 mm, 15 mm breathing  circuit tube.Its good scalability and flexibility, wall smooth

won't produce spiral airflow, is connected to the patient and breathing machine,  anesthesia machine,

has fully replace expensive heavy silicone tube overseas

2.universal materialMedical PVC、EVA、PE、PA

3. Production line constitute:

The main precision extruder-------Quenched and tempered nitriding   of the extrusion die head

------High precision modular corrugated module ------forming machine -----Winding machine

4.Machine Features:

 1.According to the requirement of the medical bellows without oil  and high precision,Songhu plastic

Machinery Co,. LTD  subvert the  original traditional blowing extrusion process and with the method of  

vacuum for high speed and stable production 

  2.Molding module is made of high quality alloy steel,In a whole closed molding tunnel through gear

drive reciprocating motion

3.Forming tunnels designed for sandwich,Even forced cooling module by cooling water.
4.Article forming dies made of hard alloy steel,Wear-resisting corrosion,Molding module not connected

with each other,So short the time of  replacement specification

5.machine size and Installed rate:
   lengthX wideX high:8x 1.5x 1.8 meter,installed power: 35KW

6.The pictures of Medical corrugated pipe production field: