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  • Name:PA tube extrusion line
  • Model:SHSJ50
  • Type:Medical Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2013-09-14 17:56
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1.characteristic of PA tube extrusion line 

            Songhu plastic Machinery company is a professional Nylon pipe extrusion line manufacturer associated with researching and development, production and technical services, this structure of PA tube extrusion line is reasonable and compact in design. Because of it is adopted special vacuum shaping device designed by  our company's R & D department. The extrusion molding is difficult for producing PA6, PA66, PA1010, PA12, nylon pipe extrusion line with more than 15m / min speed , product circle tube, linear dimension stability, improving
the production efficiency. The special nylon screw was solved the problem that raw material  is difficultly  extrusion ,
good plasticizing effect, products amorphous particles, bubbles, continuous and stable operation, easy to operate ;
unique online cutting device, makes the product incision smooth, no burr. Depending on different requirements of the
product, it can also be used to automatically charge the volume of the duplex bit.. Nylon tube  with high temperature,
corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the automotive brake pipe, fuel delivery pipe, meter line, air conditioning system,
2.Suitable Raw material: PA6, PA66, PA1010,PA12
3.Composition of  PA tube extrusion line
 Extruder host -- high precision extruder mould ----vacuum cooling water tank ----haul-off& cutter --collector 
4.Machine size and power: 
(L*W*H): 12*1.5*1.8m  power :40 kw 
5.The precision of products 
Catheter diameter: 0.5-3mm  Thickness tolerance : +/- 0.05 mm
6.The nylon pipe production site