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  • Name:Teflon tube extruder production line
  • Model:SHSJ-50
  • Type:Medical Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2013-09-12 17:02
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Introduction of Teflon tube extruder production line
一、 Characteristic of Teflon tube extruder production line
1.Host: The host screw cylinder is adopted the new no.3 steel、ceramic or cast copper heating products, the host
speed of energy-saving frequency control of the motor speed, intelligent temperature controller temperature control,
the main motor adopts Siemens motor drive.
The host screw: φ25-φ35
2. The nose mold:   New no. 3 steel mold.
3. The extruder line adopted 3 m stainless steel vacuum tank, it can be adjusted from the left and right sides, and
3 d before and after, it is easy to operate, and it is beautiful and practical.
4. The belt type puller: The effective length of the belt type puller is 600 mm, and it can provide enough traction. The
puller adopted siemens motors for driving, the frequency control、precision gearing、pulling speed are all smooth
without beating.
For the production of poly FEP (F46, PFA) transparent tube
三、Materials:  FEP 、F46、PFA
The composition of Teflon tube extruder production line:
Precision extrusion φ35-φ55 host——High precision head mold——Stereotypes cooling tank——Medical tractors
——Winding machine
五、Equipment size  and installed capacity rate:
  (L*W*H): 9*1.5*1.8m         power : 15 Kw