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  • Name:PA, EVA Hot Melt Glue Stick
  • Model:SHSJ65
  • Type:Pipe Extrusion Line
  • Pubdate:2014-08-19 09:19
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1.PA/EVA hot melt adhesive stick production line:

Hot melt glue stick extrusion line for the production of all kinds of hot melt glue stick,By extrusion

method, not by the  reaction kettle, extrusion screw specially designed. To achieve the effect of

plasticizing and mixing,Automatic temperature control, frequency control of motor speed, a high

degree of automation,Product light, even, it can automatic cutting, high efficiency and energy

saving, less investment.

2. Applicable materials: PA,EVA etc
3. Production line constitute:

The main extruderMoldssink for cooling pitching Four-wheel tractorcut-off  machine

collecting tank


NO Name of equipment parts Quantity Remarks
1 65mm main extruder 1 With 50 KGS drying hopper
2 High precision injection mould 1 Extrusion die is S136
3 3 d mobile sink for cooling pitching 1 12 Meters
4 Four-wheel tractor 1 Wear thick
5 Strip cutting machine and collecting device 1 Automatic meter, packaged goods directly

  4.Rate of equipment size and installed:

  L X W X H:12x 1.5x 1.8 metres,Installed power: 40KW