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  • Name:Multi-Color plastic Tube Extrusion Line
  • Model:SHSJ-55
  • Type:Pipe Extrusion Line
  • Pubdate:2011-01-14 16:52
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       Dongguan Songhu plastic machinery company is specializing in research,

development, manufacturing of beverage sucker machine has perfect quality

assurance system, the frequency technique of conversion speed regulation and

energy saving control, production line consists of extruder, die, cooling shaping

device, traction cutting device, conveying device  etc. It will be multiple

configurations monochromatic, multi-color co-extrusion multiple configurations.



     Food industrial: Drinking straw, 
    Other field: pen

The specification of plastic tube :

u      Raw material : pp/ pe etc 

u      Drinking straw diameter : 2--13mm

u      Length:  Customized can be accepted

u      Produce speed: 600-1000

u    Colour:  sigle double multi-color Straight or spiral color color

u    Notch:  90°/90°、90°/45°、90°/60°、45°/45°