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  • Name:PU Precision Pneumatic Tube
  • Model:SHSJ-65
  • Type:PU Tube extrusion line
  • Pubdate:2016-10-08 09:32
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PU (polyurethane) tube features wonderful resistance performance against high pressure, vibration,

corrosion, bending and weather, in addition, with properties  of convenient and flexible,this kind of tube

is widely applied to air-pressure tube, pneumatic components, liquid conveying pipe and protection tube .

Equipment features: 

PU Screw optimized by Japanese technological processing, can perfectly adapt to the PU material

which is with high thermal sensitivity, flowability and melting viscosity, thus ensure even plasticization

and high output efficiency; 

Core rods and die are made of  S136 die steel, precision grinding, which ensures the inner flow

surface glossiness and anti-corrosion. Structure of mold adopts "high pressure volumetric type", which

is initiated by our company,can provide stable/high-speed extruder for tube material with tiny fluctuation; 

- With the new "automatic accurate control of vacuum" technology: vacuum and water system

controlled separately. In this way, we can coordinate the multilevel water balance control system with

vacuum system, ensures stable vacuum degree, cooling water level and water flowing. 

Puller equipped with multilayer wear-resisting synchronous belt, without sliding phenomenon. High level

precision roller drive traction, Servo driving system or ABB AC driving system, realize

extremely stable pulling. 

Special designed Winding machine with tension induction regulator, apply to soft pipes, keep winding

under natural relaxation state, when tension condition change,the fluctuation within manageable scope,

avoid tube over drew by too fast winding speed and too slow speed of winding.