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  • Name:Low Temp.PCL Filament Extruder
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:3D Printer Filament Extruder
  • Pubdate:2017-03-16 10:49
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Product  Description:

     The normal 3D printer filament because of the printing temperature is very high. when printing it is

hard to avoid the danger of scald. For the popular 3D pen using ,especially in children and adult. In the

one hand , will be more simple and flexible. On the other hand ,How to avoid scalding in print , the all

problem let the parents and supplier has a headache.

   Songhu Corp. launched low temp. PCL filament extrusion line with safety and environment protection

(Raw material melting temp. around 60℃) . The printing temp. will be lower than100℃. After printing

temp. does not exceed 50℃. Fundamentally avoidling the risk of burns during 3D printer and other

potential hazards owing to high temperatures , it will be make the whole 3D printing process safer.

Features of product:

1. Unique low-temperature molding Process ; 

    Dongguan Songhu PCL low temperature 3D printer filament extrusion line is characterized by low

melting point of  the material PCL extruder molding process . Songhu Corp. have a rich experience

in low- temperature extruder molding . Such as EVA hot melt ashesive , PA hot melt rod extrusion etc.

2. High Precision , High Stability;

    Songhu is a professional manufacturer of 3D printing filament extrusion line . High precision and stabilty

PCL low temperature 3D printer filament tolerance and be plus or minus 0.02mm.

3. Automation , easy to operate;

   Songhu 3D Printer filament extrusion line with high automation , easy to operate , even if there is not

operating experience of novice ,after a short professional training , the worker can operate independent . 

Our advantages:

1. Professional 3D printer filament extrusion line manufacturers ;

   Songhu is one of the earliest enterprises who engaged in R&D and producing 3D printer filament

extrusion equipment . After several years of technological innovation and precipitation , songhu has

accumulated rich experience in 3D printing filament extrusion line , it belongs to the star -level products

in 3D filed enjoy a high reputation . 

2. An abundance of raw material technology categories;

   While struggle to build the most sophisticated 3D prtiner filament extusion line , it has attached

importance the new materials , new formula extruder technology develping . 3D printing technology

revolution is a new material revolution .  Songhu 3D printer filament raw material : PCL , PLA , ABS ,

HIPS , TPU , PET , PEI , PEEK , POM etc.

3. A rich of industry resources ;

    We have a rich of industry resources ,not only can provide a complete set of extrusion equipment

scheme, also can be customized , including raw material developing and purchase recommendations ,

mould design and manufacturing , product developing and related industry advice . at the same time

songhu can provide a series of services.  Songhu is your best choice , professional supplier

is worth to choose .

4.  Perfect after-sales service system;

    We have a professional after-sales service team and system .Inclduing customer service, engineer ,

onsite after-sales engineers .
The original points reward and punishment after-sales evaluation system,

fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the after-sales staff , it has ensures the quality of after-sales service.

Composition of Machine :

   No.  Name  Remark
1 High Precison Main Extruder SHSJ-45
2 Extruder Mould 1.75mm 3.0mm Stainless 136
3 3-Dimesion  6m water tank  Cooling System 
4 Independ drying device  Keep surface dried 
5 Four Wheel Tractor   Stability 
6 Auto Meter 8 meters 
7 Double spool winder   

Technical Paramters:

 No. Technical Parameter  Detail 
1 Model of Screw  SHSJ-45 Sigle Screw
2 Diameter of screw 45mm
3 L/D 28:1
4 Motor Power 11KW 
5 Capacity 15-20Kg per hour 

Photos from Songhu:

Introduction of PCL Pallet:

Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a biodegradable polyester with a low melting point of around 60 °C

and a 
glass transition temperature of about −60 °C. The most common use of polycaprolactone

is in the manufacture of speciality
polyurethanes. Polycaprolactones impart good water, oil, solvent

and chlorine resistance to the 
polyurethane produced.
This polymer is often used as an additive for

resins to improve their processing characteristics and their end use properties (e.g., 
impact resistance).

Being compatible with a range of other materials, PCL can be mixed with 
starch to lower its cost and

increase biodegradability or it can be added as a polymeric 
plasticizer to PVCPolycaprolactone is

also used for splinting, modeling, and as a feedstock for prototyping systems such as 

Filament Fabrication
 3D Printers.