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  • Name:Flexible TPU Filament Extruder
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:3D Printer Filament Extruder
  • Pubdate:2016-06-08 08:42
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1、Background for Flexible TPU TPE Filament Extrusion Line 

       With the fast-growing of 3D printing industry, 3D printing technology has penetrated into

all areas of our daily life, work, education, health care and so on. In PLA, ABS mainly of  traditional

3D printing supplies have been unable to meet the growing demand for print. Represented in TPU

thermoplastic elastomeric 3D printing filament supplies it’s good softness, high elasticity and

transparency, chemical resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic and environmentally friendly series of

advantages, gradually favored by the 3D printing industry. But the difficulty of processing the flexible

material has a relatively large, the elastomeric 3D printing filament extrusion line manufacturers are

sparse in China. Dongguan Songhu Plastic Machinery Corp. is professional enterprise in providing

small and medium-sized precise extrusion equipment.

       At present, our company overcame all kinds of technology difficult, solved the roundness accuracy

control and online winding and a series of problems of elastomeric filament. And we succeed in

developing TPU/TPR elastomeric 3D printing filament in 2015.


      TPU/TPR elastomeric material and other supplies with it’s good flexibility, more general alternative

hardness, widely applicable to a variety of hardness or softness of the product. Including common

flexible molds, models and other small crafts. At the same time because of its environmentally friendly

non-toxic, easy to color and other characteristics, especially suitable for making all kinds of toys and

other wearing apparel. In medical treatment filed, the  model of human organs which printed by flexible
filament not only can be used in surgery simulation to increase the surgical success rate, but also can

be implanted into our skin  safely, to be a part of human body.