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  • Name:Mini/Lab.Filament Extruder
  • Model:SHSJ-25
  • Type:3D Printer Filament Extruder
  • Pubdate:2016-02-22 13:44
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1、Mini/Lab. 3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line

       Low cost 3D printing is an emerging market. Competitors including Makerbot, Printrbot, 

Solidoodle, and Ultimaker sell 3D printers from between $399-$2200. These 3D printers

 require extruded plastic filament that costs about $35-$50 per kg.  This is between 5-8

 times the cost of the raw resin pellets. To get widespread adoption of the technology the

 cost of using the 3D printers will need to go down.

2、The Solution

        Create your own low cost, quality filament at home, with our filament extruder. this machine 

will not make you millions, but it will make a KG of filalment in just 16 hours, right from your

desktop bringing the power to use a variety of plastics, recycled or virgin, to make  low-cost, 

high-quality filament, to anyone.