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  • Name:ABS/PLA Filament Extruder
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:3D Printer Filament Extruder
  • Pubdate:2014-10-29 11:07
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Profession Manufactuer: Songhu specialize in the production of fully automatic, highly precision

3D printing filament extrsion line for 4 years, is the first supplier of 3D printer filament extrusion 

line in China.

Background: Songhu has more than 60 redundant precison extrusion machines which took professional

engineer nearly 4 years to build, and received nearly 100 domestic and foreign customer's experience and 

feedback. Our customer are widely from all over the world, including Spain, Russia, India, Korea, Thailand,

Taiwan, Italy, Slovenia etc.  The domestic market share of our 3D printing filament extrusion line is over

80%, such as in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Beijing etc.


The component of ABS/PLA 3D printer filament extrusion line: 
Model Equipment Quality
1 SHSJ-45 Filament Extruder  1SET
2 Precise extruding die 1SET
3 2+2 meter cooling tank  1SET
4  Four wheel haul-off 1SET
5 Laser & Drying device  1SET
6 Double Winder  1SET