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  • Name:PVA 3D Printer Filament
  • Model:SHSJ-45
  • Type:3D Printer Filament Extruder
  • Pubdate:2014-10-29 08:54
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Different types and series:
According to our customer different need, 3D printer filament line
 has different model:


Technical Parameter :
Number Name Quantity Remarks
1 45 extruder 1 SET  
2 high precise mould 1 SET extrusion die is S136
3 2+2meter water tank 1 SET Stainless steel SUS304
4 2 meter cooling water tank 1 SET Stainless steel SUS304
5 8 meter storage device 1 SET Tension control
6 First drying device 1 SET Special water sleeve ring
7 Two wheel haul-off device 1 SET precision guide pillar
8 Double Auto Winder 1 SET Automatic metering
9 Laser controller 1 SET Tolerance +/-0.02mm
10 Second drying device 1 SET  

Different types and series:
According to our customer different need, 3D printer filament line has different model:
Model SHSJ-45 SHSJ-35
Screw Dia 45mm 35mm
Screw L/D 25-28 25-28
Extrusion amount 20kg/h 12kg/h
Installed power 43kw 30kw
Size 13×1.5×1.8m 11×1.5×1.8m
Weight 1500kgs 1200kgs

Advanced processing line:
1. Advanced CNC processing machine
2. The most strict manufacturing and quality control system
3. The most efficient manufacturing line and skilled workers