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     Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiertime) is a leading innovator and Asia’s biggest 3D

printing solution provider in global 3D printing industry. Tiertime has rolled out its industrial level 3D

printer product Inspire series, the desktop 3D printer product UP series, with respective 3D printing

software and printing material. Tiertime headquarter locates in Beijing, China, it reaches out the global

market with business establishment all over the world. Tiertime was formerly known as Beijing Yinhua

Laser Rapid Prototyping and Mould Technology Co.,Ltd., a company created by a Tsinghua Professor

Yan Yongnian, who is recognized as the first person to explore 3D printing in China. Tiertime has

grown up for more than 20 years in 3D printing development industry. Tiertime is devoted to be the

most reliable partner to customers with “serving global customers with Chinese technology strength”

as company goal, by providing the most optimized solutions and integrated service to global 

customers on 3D printing software, printers and material.

Tiertime boasts with its flagship desktop 3D printer UP series, UP mini, UP Plus 2 and UP BOX. Since

UP Plus 3D printer launched to global market in 2010, Tiertime products have been highly recognized

by world’s fans on its refined printing precision, ease of use software and high steadiness. In 2012,

Make Magazine awards Tiertime “Best Overall Experience 3D Printer” out of 15 desktop 3D printers

nominated. In 2013, Make Magazine for second time awards Tiertime "Best in Class: Just Hit Print"

out of 23 desktop 3D printers nominated. Tiertime independently develops on the patent technology

of platform auto calibration system and nozzle auto calibration, which are known as two important

 technical break-through of 3D printing industry. With advanced technology and quality, ease of use

and competitive price, Tiertime 3D printer has been used in various industries, including aerospace,

aviation, medical treatment, manufacturing, education, design and fashion, and it is widely engaged in

customized production, product sample design and model printing, product display, market research, 

educational experience and DIY work practice. Tiertime devotes to the commitment of best user

experience as top business objective, with continuous elaboration on R&D of new technology and

new product.
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