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3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line
Medical Tube Extrusion Line
Stock Code:834005 4000-313-086
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固定电话0769-33209150 / 33351276/ 33359793,传真:0769-89032232

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    Kingfa Technologies Inc, founded in 1993, is a well-known high-tech listing corporation for its high-

performance modified plastics R&D, production and sale. It is registered with capital of 263.44 million

yuan, and now has five subsidiarycompanies Shanghai Jinfa Technology Development Co., Ltd.,

Tianjin blonde New Material Co., Ltd., Jiangsu blonde New Material Co., Ltd., Mianyang c-king new

materials development Co., Ltd., Mianyang Dongfang special engineering plastics Co., Ltd. Kinfa is

China's largest modified plastics production enterprise, and also one of enterprises that has the most 

complete varieties of global modified plastics.
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