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    Copper Coating Tube Extrusion Line Delivery[ 2017-04-21 ]
    Are you interested in copper tube coating extrusion line -----The Raw Material is PE Background; The usage of PE Coating Copper Tube Refrigeration , Heating , Heat Exchanger Tube, Oil Pipe etc. It is widely use in the market . Packing and
    Copper Coating Pipe Extrusion Line Online Inspection[ 2017-04-06 ]
    Songhu Plastic Machinery Corp. mainly deal in all kinds of plastic coating pipe making machine
    The Advantages of TPU/TPR Elastic Bands[ 2016-10-11 ]
    Its main advantages are: high wear resistance and high resistance to cold and high resistance to oil and water resistance and etc. It also could be colorful or transparent. More importantly, a TPU/TPR rubber band extrusion line costs less
    How to configure rolling disk?[ 2016-10-11 ]
    October 17, manager Liu, a well-known domestic rolling disk supplier, comes to Songhus factory. Jackie Wang, manager of Songhu Plastic Machinery, were in-depth communication and discussion on 3D printing filament rolling disk material, wei
    First colorful 3D printing filament extrusion line[ 2016-10-11 ]
    Dongguan Songhu Plastic Machinery on this month has successfully developed a new precision extrusion equipment: colorful 3D printing filament extrusion equipment! It not only can produce current monochrome printing filament, but also can p
    Different specifications of 3D printing rolling plate[ 2015-06-13 ]
    To all honored clients: Please tell us the material and specification of rolling plate in advance before ordering, so we can design personalized rolling plate structure according to the shape and size of it and thus it is convenient and qu
    Songhu leading: 3D filament production line[ 2015-06-13 ]
    On March 27th, Zhuhai Print-Rite Printing Filament Co. Ltd. appoints two experienced material and designation engineers to come to Songhu for the stability test of 3D printing filament production line. The test is as follows. Test Material
    3D wood plastic production line tested successfully[ 2015-06-13 ]
    On July 12, Kingfa Technology Co., Ltd. technical team has successfully tested the latest 3D wood plastic printing filament raw material in Songhus machine. The test is as follows. ①Testing Material: the latest 3D wood plastic printing fi
    How to produce 3D printing filament?[ 2015-06-13 ]
    At present, the main raw material of 3D filament is ABS/PLA. Most 3D filament manufactures are using adapted normal extrusion equipment to produce them while Songhu filament extrusion line is specially designed for the 3D filament producti
    Successful debugging of medical hose extrusion line[ 2015-06-13 ]
    On October 16, 2014, Songhu medical tube production RD team conducts successful debugging of PVC/PU double layer medical hose extrusion line. It adopts the newest technology and has a better-off quality.
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