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3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line
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Nanoscale 450 ℃ 3D printing high polymer materials, extrus

    On March 20, high temperature resistant pine lake for the first time in 3D printing filament

production line testing, materials for XX new material co., LTD. Shenzhen nanoscale porous silicon

carbide (SIC) + aramid polymeric material.This material is mainly used in the manufacture of various

metal parts, such as aircraft, hardness is between fused alumina and diamond, mechanical strength

is higher than fused alumina.
3D printing consumables production adapted to the ultra high temperature of 450 ℃ and temp.

measurement accuracy is the basic guarantee of the test conditions。Common extrusion screw,

heating element, temperature measuring system is hard to guarantee in place.Songhu plastic

Machinery company start from the design, manufacture of precision extrusion  line,Take 50 days to

high extrusion system, can guarantee stability test.
After four hours of testing,High-temperature extrusion host heating constant, extrusion evenly.

Ratio of material need to be further adjustment, increase the flow property.
    Songhu plastic Machinery company Professional is committed to the r&d and production of 3D

printing filament  production line
Has been successful for PLA, materials such as ABS, PA, PC test

Welcome to cooperation and communication.


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