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The efficiency of winding system decided the speed of 3 d p



      On March 18th, dongguan stone dragon's XX company come to our factory for 3 d printing
winding system of the acceptance of raw materials production line,After the manager wang
said: if the order as early as the pine lake molding machine 3 d printing consumables production
lines, production capacity is the speed of more than 2 times already.

    Factory all know:Winding speed speed directly determine the effect of the whole production line.
At present, according to different PLA/ABS material melting point,Usually speed in 50-120 meters
per minute。However material extrusion production line finished instantly hit volume requires winding
machine for quick and convenient, and winding wiring to tidy and have enough speed.
       Last year there were quite a number of manufacturers will be produce PLA/ABS products directly
around on a plate, and then to shunt into small volume. It is not only need more manpower cost, and
it will increase inventory space. In view of the customer production's woes, pine lake molding machine
research team in 2012, professional supplies developed for fully automatic double-position winding
system. The earliest production line of Beijing XX era, the optimization and upgrading, greatly improving
the effect of the clients.
      In 2014, Songhu plastic Machinery company will continue its efforts to develop more practical, more
economic winding system, efforts will provide more professional and perfect ABS/PLA 3 d printing
consumables production line

3d打印材料3d打印原材、新型柔软3D打印材料3D打印机耗材高精度挤出生产线、3D打印机耗材挤出机-ABS/PLA线材挤出生产线、ABS拉丝机-3D打印机耗材挤出机PLA拉丝机、3D打印机耗材挤出生产线ABS打印机耗材挤出机ABS/PLA打印机挤出机 PLA/ABS打印机耗材生产线







3d打印材料3d打印原材、新型柔软3D打印材料3D打印机耗材高精度挤出生产线、3D打印机耗材挤出机-ABS/PLA线材挤出生产线、ABS拉丝机-3D打印机耗材挤出机PLA拉丝机、3D打印机耗材挤出生产线ABS打印机耗材挤出机ABS/PLA打印机挤出机 PLA/ABS打印机耗材生产线
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