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3D printing filament production line

      On March 17, XX industrial co., LTD in shenzhen in 3D printing filament production line

 examination of my factory.Only half a day, the factory careful preparation for each sector, actively

cooperate with, machine heating is provided from the raw material preparation, the same speed and

precision of acceptance testing, and return to customer satisfaction.
      Only professional and speed is moved by the only way to the customer! XX industrial co., LTD in

Shenzhen in the songhu 's molding machine for ABS/PLA3D before printingfilament production line, it 

has been in the last year, respectively, from a small machinery factory in foshan and guangzhou each

purchase a line, the first production speed to keep up with, can't compete with rivals, it is filament wire

drawing machine accuracy can not meet the requirements, it has been unstable, production is alway in

a state of fear, especially the current 3 d consumable material products export, basically all three

 models and the process is not mature, after the equipment to the factory in a constant state of repair

and replacement, always can't normal production, serious delay delivery date.
    Get customers in the use process of such equipment, molding machine pine lake think it is

necessary to let customers a full range of services, from the raw material and process and technical

guidance, maintain the normal production of stable customers! So we focus on plant root all resources

in shenzhen, zhuhai, guangzhou, dongguan and other places of songhu molding machine 3D material

production line/ drawing machine user, to give customers the most immediate guidance, we also

deeply each customer's  trust and favor!
      From early shenzhen stand now is superior to today's shenzhen XX industrial co., LTD., prove that

we in  the 3D printing consumables production line research and development, production strategy is

correct. Thank you again for customers all over the country for our machines in the choice of Songhu,

we will  keep up the good work, efforts to contribute more services!

2014.3.17 Customer experience and exchange ideal in our factory

2014.3.17 winding machine





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