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3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line
Medical Tube Extrusion Line
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keep improving!The factory with the school of communication

For further communication and sharing of 3 d printing consumables production
technology experience, should be in dongguan institute of technology, 3 d printing technology
research center at the invitation of pine lake molding machine Wang Weiqing with backbone
technical engineers have had the opportunity to visit the company, general manager of 3 d
printing experience。We exchange the 3 d printing materials, 3 d printers and the prospect
of 3 d printing.
            During the talks, Chen Cheng your enthusiasm professional teacher introduces a variety
of independent research and development of desktop 3 d printer and 3 d printing technology
in the areas of application and future development prospect。Both sides mainly on printed
materials in environmental protection, precision, capacity issues in-depth communication,
Wang Weiqing focus on pine lake molding machine in the ABS/PLA the precision of 3 d printing
materials online production control technology,Experience judgment from two years ago,
one of the earliest teacher development now the multi-dimensional laser test and feedback, so
as to ensure the production process of every plate of consumables is realized can record. Ensure
that the user in the printing process of the unstable because the material will not waste the cost.
            The teacher said the institute will continue to be your another Chen Cheng pine lake molding
machine to provide professional machinery and technical personnel,Wang Weiqing welcome
teachers and students to communicate to the factory and professional research and development
personnel and guidance。The meeting for further production, study and research the exchanges
and cooperation between the two sides cooperation laid a good foundation.
            As 3 d printing industry upstream raw materials production equipment of domestic leading
brand,We will continuously strengthen in 2014 with the cooperation of all kinds of colleges and
universities, institutes, corporate entities。Songhu plastic Machinery company is not only to
provide sophisticated 3 d printing consumables production line, and also trying to collaborative
professional units to do 3 d printing material, such as PC, heat dissipation of PA6, high temperature
resistant material PEEK, etc。

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