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3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line
Medical Tube Extrusion Line
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Be Careful!Part of 3D Filament Manufacturer

Dear 3D material users and industry colleagues:
   Since March of this year there have been serious complaints our domestic customers. Reflect other extrusion

manufacturer in copy our pictures, content and so on. Serious impact on customer's judgment, and even has

caused great losses!We apologize. Company also jointly with the relevant departments of responsibility

changes within a time limit.For this matter, our attitude is as follows:

One is to thank:

Pay close attention to her peers, we believe that only the benign competition can promote the development of

the industry, can make each manufacturer to make progress, so as to create more value for customers. This is

also the Songhu with many manufacturers to maintain exchange, build by laying bricks or stones Cuo good

cooperation together.

Second Note:
 Individual manufacturer abide by business ethics, please don't copy others' photos, information, mislead

clients, one is our Songhu is work itself need cost and energy. Second, if completely copy will kill your

creativity, will cause great influence to our factory.

Three is apology:

   Due to to the business, the individuals, confusing, or even on the Internet to disrupt the market of unfair

competition. Light cause customer eastlands, wasting 
energy, or lead to good customers pay a deposit,

order without field caused greater losses 
to the customer. We express extreme condemnation! Warm prompt

each major customers: be sure to visit the site, negotiate and pay the deposit, the inspection can be rest


     Thank you always love and pay close attention to, pine lake molding machine will further  efforts to let more

customers to on-site experience stability of ABS/PLA3D consumables  production line.You are welcome at

any time!

Notions:Through negotiations, individual manufacturer has rapidly changed, thank you for cooperation!

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