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PA6 Raw Material Testing for 3D printer
                                           PA6 3 d printing filament extrusion line

    2014.2.7, Songhu plastic Machinery company Did the PA6 heat dissipation material extrusion test:

Temperature and time were respectively: 90-90/2 hours, die temperature is 130 degrees。PA6 raw

material need strong stretching to do 3D  material test,otherwise Easy to break, won't be able to

shape.Related PA63D consumable product knowledge: Nylon features 3 d printer consumables

1. Nylon 3 d printer supplies products soft, comfortable, the material toughness。
  2. The material of nylon 3 d printer supplies relative to the ABS processing temperature a little higher
  3. Nylon 3 d printer consumables shrinkage rate is low.
  4. Nylon 3 d printers print finished product has high strength, high toughness characteristics.

Polyamide 6 material similar to ABS,The temperature of the printed between 240 ~ 280 degrees 

Celsius,Less than 0.25 mm thick set it to play the best printing effect。Polyamide 6 and other 

commonly used 3D printing materials (such as PLA and ABS) have different adhesive For polyamide

 6 material heating platform is not necessary, in general, the thickness of the first layer is set to 80%

 that's enough. Polyamide 6 material support maximum print speed of 70 m/s, when the printing speed

 is 40 m/s can obtain maximum adhesion force.



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